About Landing

Traveling ... as a family vice!

Landing Ph was born when my 10 years old father was spending his afternoons playing at the photo shop close to home called “La Bolognese“, in a charming Ascoli Piceno of the 60’s.

With time and traveling a lot, what was a pastime has slowly become a great passion for my father. Thanks to him, today we have thousands of shots in our archives, which depict the world and even places that don’t exist anymore.

Years ago we decided to digitally retrieve all of these analogue memories, saving them from deterioration due to time.

You can find a selection of them in the Landing Gallery.

I was lucky to be born into a family which considers traveling almost like a vice.

Because of my father’s work, we changed city 3 times in 10 years, but because of the same work we shot half the world .. for years!

I was only 8 years old and I remember that at the time,  I had visited the U.S.A. more than Italy, which is my country of birth.

I also remember with how much passion I took my first photos with a very old analog Yashica cam.

Me at the Death Valley's Zabriskie Point in California.
Badwater basin. Death Valley N.P., California.
My parents and the Grand Canyon N.P., Arizona.
Flying the world above the crowd ...

For many reasons, that I still don’t know, neither I nor my father decided to became professional photographers. He is a Doctor, I am an Architect who works in the 3d architectural visualisation industry.

In my own defense I can say that creating photo-realistic still images from scratch, has a great component of photography and post production inside … even if it’s all virtual and not real.

However, after years in front of the PC, I missed the camera in my hands and then I had the idea to leave for an unusual adventure and to stop all the rest for awhile .

Alaska and Canada was perhaps the most amazing trip ever, not just a trip to the other side of the world but also an introspective experience for me, a journey that made me fall in love with landscape & wild shots and for sure: with photography in all its shades.

Landing was born for this simple reason:

give a chance to this passion to become a job and share the world from my point of view.

Maybe, the most beautiful job in the world!

Capilano Suspension Bridge P. in Vancouver, Canada
Ice calving. College Fjord, Alaska
A bear from Neets Bay in Ketchikan, Alaska